10th Anniversary of Twitter on today, march 21st

United States: Twitter which is a micro blogging site is all set to celebrate its 10th birthday. Very important milestones have been achieved and the future looks bright for the 140 character world. Twitter has 300 million users which is far less than 1.5 billion of Facebook followers.

Twitter attracts celebrities, scientists, journalists and politicians to convey their thought process in 140 characters precisely and accurately. The short limit of characters represents a unique identity for Twitter and conveys short and crisp messages, says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Twitter proves that to raise the exact kind of awareness, about politics, coordinate actions and spread messages it is extremely important to interact directly with the influencers.

It is far easier for a company to know issues of the consumers and the vice versa is also true. Twitter is also a way to know how information flows round the world. Instant sharing of links, news and views makes Twitter indispensable.

Dorsey promises a large number of product changes and organizational structure changes for one and all. The roadmap ahead suggests that the monthly user base will go up in the years to go. The path is very rosy for Twitter and it is all set to lead a high benchmark for the influencers having a direct contact with the masses in general.

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