2 Workers in the Lucknow Metro Construction work receives injuries in an accident

Lucknow metro construction falls

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: Today, on 17th April, an incident which has shaken the number of local persons, is seen happening in the Lucknow, where the metro construction in going on. Two workers have been severally injured today’s morning after the construction material called cross arm fell down. The Incident occurred in the Almabagh Metro Station. Earlier, hardly two weeks before a person had a narrow escape from the death after a heavy mixture of concrete and cement fell on his car, and it is also in the construction in Lucknow.

Soon after the incident was taken place, the workers who suffered serious injuries were rushed to the Hospital, namely Awadh Hospital nearby the locality.

The SPV which is to execute the Lucknow metro project in the Lucknow Metrol Rail Corporation, is now facing a tense time limit from the Government of the State, as it is to complete the said construction of Metro stretch of about 8.5 Kilo meters fromt eh Transport Nagar to Charbagh under the priority section. Moreover, there is task that by this year’s November month, the trains to be run on trails, and as such the construction is going on in the fast way.

Moreover, the spokesman from the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation found stated on the news of the injuries of workers during the constructions of the Metro project, that “we are inspecting the cause of accident. The cross arm of Alambagh metro station fell off suddenly while it was being erected.”

It is notable that the said “cross arm” is used as a structural base for building the concourse level i.e. the middle level of metro station.

Moreover, it is also shown that despite the guidelines for the safety while there is a work of construction of metro project is concern, is being issued by the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, the accident is still happened.

While so, the principal advisor of the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation- E. Sreedharan had also visited the city recently and also the Managing Director of the said Corporation- Mr. Kumar Keshav was instructed by Sreedharan for enhancing the security arrangements. In addition, Kumar also was asked to put up the security staff soon possible. However, despite all such instructions, safety guidelines, etc. the said accident happened.

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