CBI arrests missing MHA officer- Anand Joshi in connection with Teesta Setalvad Files

Anand Joshi MHA official

New Delhi: In connection with the allegations against the under secretary in the Union Home ministry, that he had allegedly issued FCRA notices arbitrarily to several Non- Governmental Organisations for financial gains, he was arrested yesterday’s night by the Central Bureau of Investigation. It is notable that the said officer- Anand Joshi, from the ministry was missing from four days back, and when he found he allegedly gave unconvincing answers to CBI’s Special Crime division’s team which placed some questions to him, including the questions as to his disappearance of…

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US’s report on Cyberwarfare threat is denounced by China


Bloomberg: The explanations as to the military operations by China in the East and the South China Sea which is provided in the new report of United States Defense Department, which has also spotlighted a focus on cyberwarfare, is condemned by China. Yesterday, on Sunday, the China found stated that the said report had “deliberately distorted” facts relating to the defence policies of China. Moreover, it is also stated by China that, said report had unfairly depicted activities of Beijing in the South and East China seas, as such it…

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Kerala Assembly Polls: Keralites could swing either way; BJP may become kingmaker

BJP in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Today, on Monday about 26.1 million of the voters in Kerala state would be going to cast their votes to the election booths for electing the 140 members to the legislative assembly of Kerala State, from amongst the 1,203 candidates among them about 109 candidates are women. Moreover, as per the reports from the Election Commission, they has identified that there are about 1,300 election booths which are termed by it as “critical” as they were having past records of ‘political violence’ and many of them falls in Kannur…

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Running Barefoot, increasing one’s working memory: New Study

Barefoot Running

New York: People have developed hobbies to walk or run wearing shoes, showing their caring attitude towards their foot, however, those who run barefoot, will show their caring attitude towards their working memory, which refers to our ability to recall and process information, as shown in new study. The study is conducted by the researchers from the University of North Florida in the United States, and one of the researchers- Trace Alloway found stated that “working memory is increasingly recognised as a crucial cognitive skill, and these findings are great…

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