Sarabjit Singh was tortured for being an Indian: Says Randeep Hooda


New Delhi: The movie- ‘Sarbjit’, as per the bollywood actor- Randeep Hooda tells the hard- hitting story of an Indian Farmer, who was held captive and eventually died in the jail based in Pakistan, becomes the ground for the protest against the cases wherein people are punished merely for their origin. Notably, the actor- Hooda is playing the role of Sarabjit Singh in the movie and that Sarabjit Singh was held in the Pakistan Jail for the allegations of Spying and terrorism, he languished in the jail for about twenty-…

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Scientists identify new gene, causing defect in insulin secretion


Sydney: A gene which the researchers have now identified with the effect that it can cause defects in insulin secretion in the patients with the Type- 2 diabetes and those others with the Down syndrome. Notably, it is popular that the diabetes are of two types and people with type- 2 diabetes generally face its association with the obesity and insulin resistance due to pancreatic beta- cell dysfunction. Also, people with the Down syndrome, are also generally experiencing the lower insulin secretion, mitochondrial dysfunction and increased oxidative stress in the…

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New Study shows ‘Sunscreen Gene’ can be taken for protecting against ‘Melanoma- Skin Cancer’

skin cancer

Los Angeles: To protect the skin against the melanoma, the researchers found ‘Sunscreen gene’ which may help the people in this connection. Melanoma is the deadliest form of the skin cancer, and the patients with such decease and with deficient or mutant copies of the “UV radiation Resistance Associated Gene” are very less protected from harmful ultra- violet rays. Moreover, the scholar from the University of Southern California (US)- Chengyu Liang found stated that if the functioning of the UV- resistant gene and processes by which the cells repair themselves…

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ISRO’s idea on Climate Change led to other major space agencies to develop their satellites monitoring carbon emission

Climate Change

Bengaluru: The Indian Space Research Organization- ISRO has adopted a major initiative in the war on Climate Change, and this has led to all the major global space agencies gathering together to develop satellites which will monitor the emissions of carbon for each country. Here, the Chairman to ISRO- Mr. A. S. Kiran Kumar and also the President to French National Centre for Space Studies- Jean- Yves Le Gall, worked together to get all heads of the space agency’s together for a meeting on the issues of sidelines of the…

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Amit Shah after Party’s winning Assam Polls says ‘it was a vote for a positive alternative’

New Delhi: After seeing an impressive performance of the Bhartiya Janata Party in Assam assembly election, the party’s president- Amit Shah while speaking to the media agency, stated that the mandate was not only a fallout of anti- incumbency, it was a vote for a positive alternative. Moreover, he also confirmed that the profile of the BJP party has risen in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. He also made it clear that there have been 7 elections, since the Modi- Government assumed the office, and out of them, BJP…

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