Symbol of Love- Taj Mahal facing danger as bug in Yamuna river hurting its beauty


New Delhi: India’s one of the biggest architecture, what we also know with the designation “Symbol of Love” Taj Mahal is reportedly stated to be in Danger. Even though the danger is invisible but having slowly increasing effects of decaying the majestic monument. Yamuna river’s dull water near the Taj Mahal has been its greatest treat. It is notable that the river Yamuna was adding the glory to the beauty of the Taj Mahal once, but now Swarms of bugs which is known as Goeldichironomus are pervading the marble walls…

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RBI Governor- Rajan says India having 7.5% growth, despite 2 droughts and weak International Market

Raghuram Rajan

Bhubaneswar: Yesterday, on Saturday, the Governor to RBI- Reserve Bank Of India- Mr. Raghuram Rajan found disclosed the growth rate in the Indian economy, which is as per him, 7.5 per cent, despite two major droughts and a weak international market scenario. Moreover, as per the RBI Governor, the country is largely protected from the global volatility. He said “the Indian economy has recorded 7.5 per cents of growth, which suggests we have macro stability, which is desirable” moreover, he added that we “need to continue to preserve it.” He…

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Bangladesh faced dangerous Cyclone Roanu: 23 dead and many others injured


Chittagong: When the Coast of Southern Bangladesh, yesterday, on 21st May, hit by Cyclone Roanu, there were seen about 23 people dead due to floods and rain- triggered landslides, leaving behind around a hundred people injured. Moreover, about an half a million people flee their homes. Moreover, in the impoverished southern districts, the said cyclone resulted in damaging the tens of thousands of mud- and- tin houses. Also, the authorities engaged in the rescue works, also took over a five lakhs of the people into shelters because the said cyclone…

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First full-fledged ‘reusable’ Launch Vehicle ‘made in India’ to fly on Monday


Chennai: Indian Space Research Organisation- ISRO, in a bid to develop our own full fledge reusable Launch vehicle, will on tomorrow, Monday, 23rd May, boost a sleek winged prototype through a small test flight. Moreover, the Sriarikota based- Satish Dhawan Space Centre is selected for the first such flight launch, which will be a technology demonstrator. Moreover, the idea behind the development of the said full fledge Launch Vehicle, was that the same should be used for flying into the space and also injecting an orbiter and then again it…

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