Scientists developed new method of blood test for boosting cancer treatment


London: New test has been found by the Scientists for detecting changes in the levels of metabolites in the blood and also for identifying that whether a cancer drug is working as designed or not. The researchers also shown that cancer drug can affect the amount of metabolites, which presents in the blood of the patients with the deadly disease. Such Metabolites means the fat’s and protein’s blocks builder. The researchers here including the Scientist- Florence Raynaud who is from the Institute of Cancer Research in Britain, he found stated…

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World’s Best Boxer- Muhammad Ali died: He would receive Public Funeral at Louisville on Friday

Muhammad Ali

Louisville: World’s most famous and well- known, legendary boxer- Muhammad Ali died on Friday, 3rd June, and his life will be celebrated with the public funeral procession and memorial service next week in his home town of Louisville, Kentucky. The information is given by sources from his family. Muhammad Ali, throughout his entire life span got so many victories and he was world heavyweight champion for three- time during his career, besides his being a colourful civil rights activist. He died in his seventy- four and he was facing serious…

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