3D Liver and Heart Tissues are being made in Laboratories, functions like real organs

To take tissue engineering’s to total newer levels by researchers is done. Newer developments of technologies for building modelled versions of liver and heart tissues that function like real organ. To grow realistic tissues of humans outside bodies is done.”Person-on-a-chip” technologies are known as AngioChip.

This offers powerful platforms for testing and discovering newer drugs. Scientists believe as to that tissues engineered eventually could be utilized for replacing or repairing organs becoming damaged.  It is 3D fully. Structures are completed with blood vessels internal. This was told by one researcher namely Milica Radisic, professor at University of Toronto in Canada.

It behaved like vasculature. Around it there were lattices of different cells for growing and attaching. Work had been published in journals “Nature materials”. Out of POMaC, which are polymers being bio-compatible and biodegradable both, researcher built scaffolds for cells individually growing. The scaffolds had been built out of thin layered series being stamped with channel patterns which are 50 to 100 micrometers widen.

Layers resembling microchips of computers are stacked onto 3D structures of blood vessel synthetic. With addition of each layer, UV light is utilized for cross-linking polymers and bonding it to layers. When structures are finished, they are bathed in liquids having living cells. Cells attach to outside and inside of channels. It begins to grow.

Source: Healthfoodinfo.org (Our Media Partner)

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