50 “Zero Base” Multi-Functional Mobile Towers to be Install by BSNL


New Delhi: To show that communication can be conveyed with great feel, state-run BSNL arrangements to introduce 50 ‘zero base’ good looking and multi functional mobile towers. The idea of a ‘zero base’ is that it can be utilized as a wi-fi hotspot, road light and camera and the radio units can be covered up inside the shaft or underneath.

BSNL Chairman Anupam Shrivastava told PTI that “We are focusing on zero base towers as if you see in India, the skyline is scattered with so many towers and it sometimes become an eyesore. We are also looking for a tower which could have multi functionalities like it can work as an wi-fi hotspot, it can work as a light emission tower, it can work as a camera plus tower”.

“We will ask for quotes from all these players for zero base towers…initially we will begin with 50 towers to demonstrate that how communication can be delivered with good aesthetics and good looking features,” Shrivastava said. “Slowly we can replace all ugly looking towers which are spoiling the skyline to a very good camouflaged eye soothing towers,” he added.

The companies are relied upon to present their quotes in March and in next six months, BSNL will turn out with some sort of idea for the same. The normal expense to set up a mobile tower in anyplace between Rs. 8-10 lakh.

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