A 14-year- old girl Kidnapped and gang- raped in Uttar Pradesh

Girl raped

Basti; Uttar Pradesh: In the increasing number of the cases of the gang- rape in the State of Uttar Pradesh, the one is also added where a fourteen- year- old girl victim was allegedly abducted and then gang- raped by three persons in Basti District’s Ganeshpur village, as per the police information which was revealed today, on Wednesday, 27th April.

Notably, the Uttar Pradesh as per the statistics of the year 2012 is the second top ranked state in India where huge number of the rape victims can be seen.

The said fourteen- year- old girl was firstly kidnapped by three persons in which one namely Din Dayal was also including. She was kidnapped from her house.

The said persons after kidnapping the girl took her to an unknown location and thereafter she was gang- raped allegedly, for two days.

Now, she was rushed to the Police stations with her supporters, and after her stating the instances of the tragedy happened to her, the Police officials registered First Information Report, yesterday, on Tuesday, 26th April on the directions of the local court.

It is notable here that the instances of the rape in the country are increasing day by day, and Women showing in fear while they were leaving their homes for any purposes. Especially, in India there is not separate data collection on instances of gang- rape. But, still when the matter is connected with the security of the children and especially those coming under the age of majority, the country needs to pay special attention.

In India, the highest number of victims, and majority of victims, as shown in the Wikipedia, were in the 18- 30 years age group. In the country, the instances of the rape and security of women and girls against the evil effects of the rape, there was seen special attention of the Government from the year 2012. Recently, the country has amended the law against rape and strict and fast procedure is also provided to deliver justice to the victims in the various parts of the country.

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