A 14- years-Old Boy with his Family Driver died while Driving lessons

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Mumbai: Today, on 21st April, a car fell into a car lift shaft of a twenty- two storey residential building in Nagpada, and a fourteen- years- old boy and his family driver died in the incident at around 12: 30 PM.

In connection with this incident, the Police officials said that the said 14- years- old boy was taking driving lessons from his family driver- Javed Ahmed Shaikh who was about 26- years- old on the spacious second floor of the building, namely Iqbal Heights.

It was noted by the Police officials that the said car was crashed into the elevator gate and plunged it into the shaft by the said boy- Hafeez while he was reversing the same. The said elevator was that time on the third floor.

After such tragedy, the Patel family even was not aware of any such incident, and they rushed the police station for registering the Missing complaint with the Police. The Police also said that “we started tracking the boy’s mobile phone and traced it through GPS to the building. It was only around this time that the watchman figured out that a car had fallen into the lift shaft.”

Moreover, the Police officials also found stated that the said car lift in the incident, was for a long time not in use and as such no one approached the same for searching the said two victims.

However, soon they were found, the injured boy and the said driver were taken to the hospital near the Agripada Police Station, namely Wokhardt Hospital, and the doctor from the hospital declared that the said boy and driver were brought to the hospital in dead condition. As such, the bodies are now taken to the Post- mortem examination to the Nair Hospital.

The said boy- Patel who was living in the said building- Iqbal Heights was the only boy to his parents besides two sisters. Moreover, the other residents from the said society also informed that the Mother of the boy was present when the said accident was taken place. While, the driver- Shaikh was residing in Byculla with his parents and also with an elder brother, was to get married in this month, however, he met tragedy.

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