A dead body of Woman recovered from Suitcase: Yet no identification

Allahabad: Today, on Friday 8th April, a shocking news spread speedily in the South Malaka Locality, where local residents found claiming that they spotted a large suitcase, and when Police personnel were called they recovered a dead body of Woman from that suitcase.

It was shown, reportedly, that the said dead body was stuffed in the suitcase, was of Woman and the said large suitcase was spotted by the residents of the South Malaka Locality, in the drain in such locality in the morning hours, today. Now, the body is being sent to the autopsy by the Police officials and it is notable that the police is suspecting now that the said body stuffed suitcase might have be dumped in the drain after killing the woman who found stuffed in it.

It was reportedly shown that the today’s morning time, when residents in the locality of South Malaka suddenly fond such large suitcase which was laying in a drain which is under the local railway bridge, they informed the Police officials and later the officials recovered a dead body of woman inside the suitcase. It was pointed by many that the nearby atmosphere to that suitcase, was smelling irritating and this when was felt by the localits then they suspected that there is something wrong, following which they informed the Police. And as the police recovered a body, they noticed that it was of woman aged from between 20 to 25 years- old.

Moreover, as the body seemed in the state of decomposing, the police, reportedly, presumed that her death would have caused 3 to 4 days earlier. Moreover, it was also noticed that the portion of cheeks and eyes from the body were missing, as such it can be taken to mean that the said death would have caused brutally like in murder.

However, as to her identity, the police personnel could not found any documents along with body, as such her identification is yet to done. Moreover, as per the Police Inspector- M. M. Ansari, the photographs of such recovered body have been sent to all the police stations of the district for identification.

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