A Giant 84-inches Touchscreen device is brought for Sale by Microsoft at $22,000

United States: Microsoft- the American Multinational Technology company has brought in the market its biggest 84- inches Touchscreen Television with price at $ 22,000.

The Biggest Television ever, is being manufactured and offered with all amazing features as told in praise by the Microsoft. In its features, it is offering the biggest Touchscreen display, which is really bigger and much accessible with its offered digital pen or even by using finger.

Moreover, this giant system is not only offered as touchscreen Television, but also it is providing all other features, including Two wide angle cameras for capturing an entire meeting room, and amazing quality sounds.

As the screen is offered from the company with the price tag of $ 22,000 dollars, people may feel it expensive, but for all such people, the company has also offering its 55- inches touchscreen TV with the price tag of $ 7,800.

Also, in its system, the big gadget screen will be running Windows 10, and will offering all other features to replace traditional video conferencing systems. This gadget from Microsoft was originally supposed to go to sale in September of last year.

Moreover, in praise to the work of the team, the spokesperson- Brian Hall for the company found stated that “One thing that we believe very, very deeply is that the best work is done by teams”. Further, he said that the people who get together, they challenge each other and thus the they can complete the world much more than those who work individually.

Thus, looking towards the device, it is clear that the same is well featured and much similar to Personal Computer and in addition it is also offering great two wide angle HD cameras.

Moreover, for connectivity, it is also provided with the wireless projection, HDMI, NFC, Bluetooth, etc. also its advanced touch capabilities found recognizing up to 100 touch points with precision, permitting more than a person to touch the screen simultaneously.

Thus, the firstly shown gadget by this Company, which was done in month of January, now revealing that it is running Office, OneNote, Windows 10, Universal Windows apps, Skype for Business.

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