A Green Comet would come close to Earth next Week: Viewers can see it using ‘Binoculars’

United States: Those who love to watch into the sky and galaxy and those who have chosen it as their profession, will be experiencing the bright green Comet which is about to come into the view in the northern hemisphere.

It is also expected by the experts in this field that the icy space rock, named Comet Linear, will be available for viewing from next week. Notably, it is Hundred times brighter than what was expected by the Astronomers.

It was seen that the Sky watchers in the Southern Hemisphere were treated to view of the Comet, in the early of this week, when it was experienced passing Earth at 3.3 million miles away. Moreover, as per experts, the light of Comet is not concentrated in a single point, however, it is spreading out in the “soft round glow”, which is larger than Moon, but dimmer by many thousands of times.

It is notably having a “greenish colour” which is caused by molecules of ‘diatomic carbon which are fluorescing in sunlight. And also people who are set to look at this Comet, will be requiring ‘binoculars’ for getting good view and it is due to moon- filed skies.

Moreover, now the astronomers found not sure to the fact that, how long such comet will remain in the view, as it is unexpectedly arriving. The Comet would be arriving at any time, thus, the viewers need to be remained outside before sunrise’s 1.5 hours, at least. Also, this would be nearly in the line with Mars and Saturn on 29th day of March’s morning.

The Postdoctoral Researcher at Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, California- Shantanu Naidu found stated that the researchers have proved to get the very detailed radar images of the comet nuclear over three nights around the time of closest approach. Now we can see the surface features, as per researcher, as small as “8 meters per pixel”.

Also as per the collected Data, it is clear that the Comet reflects “less than 3 per cent of the sunlight that falls on its surface”.

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