A Review for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: Critic seems it as Mohra of Rajiv Rai

Hollywood: The recently released American super hero movie- ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ which is featuring DC comics characters Batman and Superman is appearing embarrassing the fans as it is found number of similarities to that of Mohra of Rajiv Rai’s seminal 1994 movie.

One of the fan’s review shows that in the film Mohra master criminal played by Naseeruddin Shah lies and manipulates hero played by Sunil Shetty into fighting the other hero- Akshay Kumar and later in the movie they found realising that Shah is actually a scumbag, and then they as a team fight against Shah and rescue the woman whom he had kidnapped. The fan says the plot of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not more different than this what we have already seen in the Mohra, thus he also termed recent movie as remake of Mohra.

In the recently released movie, viewers can see two supermen fighting each other in a $250 million fight.  However, the only hero as appears in the movie is a woman with grey hair intermittently doing laundry and looking worried.

Moreover, the fans even could not see the reason for which both superheros appearing fighting each other. The only fact as shown in the movie that the Batman has a dream about Superman wearing hair get and angrily grinning at him, but fans seems unhappy with this as dreams were not enough reasons to be angry with someone.

Also, as it is shown like Mohra movie, in that movie Nasruddin shah- actor is shown using some logical ways to manipulate his pawns. However, in the recently released movie, which is the script of Oscar winner- Chris Terrio, when Superman is framed for things he did not do, not once does he just speak up and tell the public that he was framed.

It is further notable that the Snyder was having this one chance after ‘Man of Steel’, to redeem himself, and as per fans, reportedly, “he blew it spectacularly”.

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