A US Airmen’s remains went home: World War II period’s airmen were missing in Himalaya from over 70 years

US Defense Secretary Carter

New Delhi: The United States Airmen’s likely remains were finally headed home today, on Wednesday 13th April, after a major search in an Indian Jungle. The said Airmen went missing over the Himalayas more than seventy years ago during a daring World War- II mission.

It was pointed that the said men were among the allied pilots who flew the extraordinarily perilous route over the world’s highest mountains to deliver supplies to the military from the hundreds of Indian airfields to Chinese forces from 1942.

It was noted that Ashton Carter- a Defence Secretary of United States, who is on visit in India on Wednesday oversaw a ceremony at an air force base in the country’s capital Delhi, as the remains were shipped to the United States, after they were recovered from the mountainous jungles of Indian’s northeast part in Arunachal Pradesh.

It was seen that the said remains were first to be recovered under the terms of the agreement with the authorities in India, and such remains were notably flown to Hawaii for the DNA tests.

Also it was experienced that a team was sent by the United State- based DPAA- Defence POW/MIA Accounting Agency which is dealing with the missing of the soldiers in action. The said team has reached the Arunachal Pradesh in the month of September, last year, for trying to locate the remains of a B- 24 Liberator plane downed in the year 1944 with 8 men on board.

As per Captain- Greg Lynch from the United States Marine Corps who was the veteran of such search taken place in the Arunachal Pradesh, “they had to hike in for three days to get to the site.”

In the search, the team found what they believed to be the remains of One or two of the said 8 missing airmen, and now as per the DNA tests, the said remains will be identified soon.

As it was said by the China- Burma- India Hump Pilots Association, there were around 590 plans which were crashed down which has resulted in the death of around 1650 people.

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