About 160 People across India died of Heat Wave and Water Scarcity: April’s situation

Drought in India

Weather Reports: India is facing major water crisis issue in the various states, and the spiteful situations in India started soon with the beginning of this year. But especially, now this month of April, 2016 is facing major Sun heat issues and also warm atmosphere which has already taken about One Hundred and Sixty people’s lives.

It is also seen that the over heating Sun’s effect have resulted in the extreme scarcity of water in India, which has led to drought in many states including Maharashtra, etc. Due to lack of water supply corresponding to the need for drinking, washing, etc. purposes, the people are falling ill and in the extremely bad situations, such heat waves and water scarcity also resulting in the deaths of many people in India.

The number of deaths which till this time has crossed the figure of 160 people. Moreover, as per the experts the possibility of the rain fall is far away as shown by eh Meteorological Department, is weeks away from now. Now the questions of water meaning that question of survival of the crores of people in India gaining much importance, due to overheated atmosphere.

Generally, people were experiencing the two important months as much heated days in the seasons, in which May and June were considered most hot in the country, however, this year the current month is providing over 40- degree Celsius’ heat, they anyone can raise this question that what will be the conditions of humans when the coming months of May and June will show their over heated atmosphere.

The huge number of people who are dying due to such dangerous atmosphere, are also seemed divided in the states of South and East India. And in the most heated places now in India falls under states like Telangana, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. T

Moreover, as per the Official- Y. K. Reddy from the State Meteorological department, the current temperature in this month is about four to five degree warmer than what generally seen in April.

Thus, till now in Odisha about 55 people, in Andhra Pradesh about 45 people, in Telengana about 66 people died of such heat waves. And others numbers are still not confirmed.

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