About 1900 Kangaroos to be culled by Australia for environment reasons


Melbourne: From Monday, i.e. from 16th day of May, the Australia will be culling more than One Thousands and Nine Hundreds of kangaroos in a bid to protect their population because this can cause a “devastating impact on the local environment” as per the official’s information.

Across the ACT- Australian Capital Territory, the said culling process in connection with the kangaroos will be done, as per the announcement which was made on its annual measure for controlling the kangaroo population.

Moreover, in the process, as per the said report, the culling of about 1,991 animals will be allowed by closing ten reserves across the territory by each evening from the said date (16th May, this year), as the news channel reported.

Daniel Iglesias being the director of the Parks and Conservation with the Australian Capital Territory Government found stated that it was necessary for curbing the population of the eastern grey kangaroos in the said Australian Capital Territory.

Moreover he also commented and said that “we know for a fact that over- abundant numbers of eastern grey kangaroos can have a devastating impact on the local environment.” Also he said “we know that it can lead to de- vegetation and the complete degradation of certain areas if we let it go too long. This is not about eradication, this is about sustainable numbers of eastern grey kangaroos.”

However, it is also reportedly, pointed that there is a trial which is currently underway for testing the usefulness of the fertility drugs which will serve as an alternative method for controlling populations of the kangaroos.

Moreover, as the process of culling of the Kangaroos will be started from coming Monday, this is expecting to be concluded by the first day of coming August month.

Also notably, the Australian authorities, till now, as such killed about four thousands of the Kangaroos from over the past 2 years as part of the annual culling of the Australian Capital Territory. And this time about more 1900 kangaroos to lost their breaths, and this will be totally computed as about five thousands and plus kangaroos culled.

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