Accepting request from Enforcement Directorate, MEA suspends Vijay Mallya’s passport


New Delhi: On the advice of the Enforcement Directorate- ED, the Ministry of External Affairs has suspended the passport of Vijay Mallya, who is involved in the cases of defaults in payment of loans of the banks.

The Liquor baron- Vijay Mallya’s passport revocation was sought by the Enforcement directorate, as he appeared to them, as non- co-operating with the investigators. It was seen earlier that the said businessman- Vijay Mallya was summoned by the Enforcement Directorate trice, but he escaped all the three times.

Currently, the said businessman- Vijay Mallya is in United Kingdom, and he allegedly fled away from India in early of month of March, this year, and since from that time, he has not been seen in India, despite of summons.

In the last time, when the Enforcement Directorate required the personal presence of Mallya, he that time sought to skip the appearance, saying that he is also having a pending matter of loan before the Apex Court, where the consortiums of the banks claimed their paid loan amount back with interests. He said he is on the way to settle down that issue, and then he would move for the IDBI banks claim, which is pending for probe before the Enforcement Directorate. He also sought to maintain that he can send his legal team which will help the ED in its investigation.

It was on the last Saturday, when the businessman- Mallya was to appear before Enforcement Directorate’s investigators in Mumbai, in connection with the case of the money laundering investigation where he is alleged to have committed fraud of Rs. 900 crores loan from IDBI.

It is notable that the liquor baron- Vijay Mallya is alleged to have committed fraud and in this connection a case is also registered by the CBI, last year. While so, in this relation, the Enforcement Directorate has registered a money laundering case against Mallya and others.

Mallya was first summoned by the agency seeking his personal appearance on 18th day of March, later his second summons was issued in the month of April on the 2nd day, but he against remained absent.

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