Actress- Kangana Ranaut says “why people need lawyers” to resolve differences

Hrithik Kangana Clash

New Delhi: Taking a smack at bollywood actor- Hrithik Roshan reportedly her former boyfriend, and also at their legal fight which was seen in the early days, the bollywood actress- Kangana Ranaut yesterday, i.e. on 26th March found stated that she does not understand why people need lawyers for resolving their differences came in their relationship.

Both of the actors from Bollywood (Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut) have been seen involved in the malicious controversy, and even it was experienced in the early days that the actor- Hrithik has slapped actress- Kangana with the legal notice where she was asked to apologise and clear the issue of airing their affair. Hrithik found firmly refuting the so called affair between them.

Hrithik being 42 years- old bollywood star was in response sent by Kangana- a 28- years old actress with the a counter- notice where she warned Hrithik to take back his legal notice, and if he declines he will have to face criminal case. Kangana found stated that she was not a “dim- witted” teenager and thus, she sought not to pray apology.

Moreover, Kangana while sharing her views on the Marriage and Relationship, during a session at the CII- Young India, said that marriages in the today’s world having “different meaning”. Now a days, as per actress, women need not to be more dependent on a man for “money or social standing.” As per her thoughts, Women in the present world, are “fairly independent”, and they now seek somebody who can treat them “nicely”.

Moreover, as per Kangana, who while indirectly pointing her ongoing legal battle, sought to say that when things “just does not work”, whey people would feel the need to go to lawyers, and it is termed by her as “unfair” as “everything is changing” and people can “grow out of a relationship”.

Further, she said that she is not the lawmaker, as such she cannot do anything on it, rather she must follow the laws. She also responded to the question of her having faith in Indian Judiciary system, by laughing and saying that she “have to believe in the legal system”.

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