Adding Vitamin ‘C’ in Diet would protect eyes against Cataract: New Study

United Kingdom: A New study reveals that the persons eating diet which are rick in Vitamin ‘C’ can slower down the progression of cataract. Further, it is shown that the Environmental factors and Diet, tend to influence cataract even more than Genetic factors.

As per experts, a cataract is a “clouding of the eye’s natural lens”, which lies behind the iris and the pupil, moreover, this medical situation can suffer blindness. Also, Cataract is considered by many, as the most common cause of vision loss in people who are over the age of 40- years. And this situation is also considered as the principal cause of blindness in the world.

In the study’s shown findings, which is published in the Journal- Ophthalmology, when the participants who had a higher intake of vitamin C, then they found associated with the Thirty- three per cent of risk reduction as to Cataract progression. And also it is noted that among such participants, after 10 years period, it found having ‘clearer’ lenses, as per findings. And such clearer lenses were comparatively better amongst them than those who had consumed less vitamin C as a part of their diet.

The Author of the Study- Chris Hammond, who is also from the Kings College London, said that these findings in the study would be having “significant impact”, especially, for the ageing population globally. And as shown in the study also, he said they need only to follow simple dietary changes like increasing intake of fruit and vegetables as the part of “healthier diet”. And this would surely lead them to protect their attending the situation of Cataracts.

Also, Hammond suggested that “diabetes and Smoking” are also the risk factors for such type of cataract, and “healthy balanced diet and lifestyle” can only lead to reduce such risk and people can also stay away from “cataract operation”.

In the study, the researchers have taken 324 pairs of female twins over 10 years and also examined the photographs of lenses of their participant. Thus, increased intake of Vitamin C would have better effects to get healthier eyes.

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