After 5 years from Osama Bin Laden’s assassination; His doctor is languishing in Pakistan Jail

Shakeel Afridi

Peshawar; Pakistan: A Pakistani doctor, namely, Shakeel Afridi, whose fake vaccination programme, about five years earlier, helped the CIA- Central Intelligent Agency to track down and kill the then biggest terror- Osama Bin Laden, is still languishing in jail, abandoned by the United States, as per supporters, in its bid to smooth troubled relations with Islamabad.

Notably, the said doctor- Shakeel is hoped to be in his mid- 50s, and is given no access to a lawyer, and not only this even his appeal against the sentence which was imposed to suffer him in twenty- three- years in jail, has stalled.

Recently, while talking to media, the brother this jailed doctor stated that “I have no hope of meeting him, no expectation for justice”

Shakeel being the former senior surgeon lives in the solitary confinement in the small room, as stated by his representing lawyer, and he is only allowed to see his immediate family persons and that too no more than 6 times a year. It is reportedly pointed that his role in one of the most famous assassinations of the recent decades in murky.

Not only this, the Central Intelligence Agency how had sought out him, comes unclear, and also as per the reports from the Pakistanies, it is suggested that the Save the Children officials acted as go- between, however, the said charity refused any such involvement.

And in the known facts the only this came to knowledge that Shakeel was given a job to run a fake Hepatitis C vaccination program with the aim of obtaining the genetic samples from Abbottabad, a City being garrison city and home of the Pakistan Military Academy, as per the answer given by country to Westpoint.

It was seen that on 2nd day May, 2011, in the darkness two helicopters full of elite Navy Seal touched down inside the compound and in the raid, they fought their way in and surprised the terror mastermind. The big terror- Osama was shot dead and this led a huge success for United State President- Barack Obama.

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