After FTII, now another Pune Institute received Parcel with Explosives, threat letter and Detonator

Ranade Industrial and Economic Institute

Pune; Maharashtra: This time, the Pune- based Ranade Institute building in Deccan area received a packet containing “explosive” substance, and also a detonator and a threat letter which is containing a warning against the inviting Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Student’s Union President- Kanhaiya Kumar. The Police pointed this incident being the second incident, after the similar incident taken place earlier, where the Film and Television Institute of India- FTII was selected by such terror.

The information in connection with the present incident was given by the Police officials today, on Tuesday, 10th May. They confirmed that the Department of the Communication and Journalism located in the Ranade Institute building in the said Deccan Area, in the City was used here. It was seen the said packet with the content which were very much similar as was seen in the earlier case in Film and Television Institute of India was spotted, was recovered from this institute’s premises too.

The said Department of Communication and Journalism in the Institute is being run within the control of the Savitribai Phule Pune University. And the said parcel in the department was spotted on Saturday, on 7th day of May, and it is opened today, with the due care and precautions.

Commenting on such incident, the DCP (Zone I) from the Pune Police- namely, Sudhir Hiremath found stated that a “peon at the Department of Communication and Journalism in Ranade Institute had received the parcel on Saturday.” And later he said that the same was opened “today” and thereafter the Police found that “it was found to be containing explosive substance, a detonator and a threat letter.” Moreover, specifying the differences between the packets which were recovered from the both the institutions he stated that “the only difference in this packet (from the Film and Television Institute of India parcel) was the name of the recipient.”

As such it can be safely said here that both the parcels were same and would have been sent by the similar sender, who is yet to be identified. Here in this case, the Police official said that this letter was addressed to the head of the department- Dr. Madhavi Reddy.

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