After long time Mallya came up and says ‘I am in forced exile’, having no plans to return to India


London: Currently facing major legal battle in Indian courts, the businessman- Vijay Mallya found stated that he is in a “forced exile” and has no plans to return to India, where, as per his opinion the things are flying at him “fast and furious.”

Notably, it was seen earlier that the liquor baron- Mallya’s passport was revoked by the Indian authorities this month, on the ground that he was escaping the summons and thereby causing delay in the process of Enforcement Directorate which is investigating the instances of his alleged fraud and money- laundering with the loan owed to him by the IDBI bank in India.

He in his statement also found stated that he wanted a “reasonable” settlement with the creditor banks for his now defunct airline. He also sought to maintain that those banks are “not getting any money” if they are taking his passport or even if they are going to arrest him.

While talking with the news agency, Financial Times, he found making such statements, besides he also confirmed that he is “definitely” like to return to India. But later he said “right now, things are flying at me fast and furious. My passport has been revoked.” Thus, he said he is unknown to the future events saying “I don’t know what the Government is going to do next.”

The Sixty- years- old businessman- Mallya also said that he remains to be the patriot to the country, and is still “proud to fly the Indian flag”. But he also confirmed that as the said instances of various protests against him seemed continue, he is feeling much happy if he would stay safe in the United Kingdom and he shown that he has no plans to leave that country.

However, notably, yesterday, it was seen that the Government in India found writing to the Britain where it had sought the deportation of the said businessman as there is a non- bailable warrant against him which was issued in a said money- laundering investigation.

The Indian government yesterday wrote to Britain seeking deportation of the liquor baron against whom a non-bailable warrant has been issued in a money-laundering investigation.

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