After PM-Modi’s alleged remarks that Italian Court held Sonia Gandhi guilty in AgustaWestland issue, Congress protests in Rajya Sabha

Rajya sabha

New Delhi: On the alleged speaking of the current Prime Minister- Narendra Modi’s during the election rally that the Congress’s President- Sonia Gandhi is being named by the Italian Court in the AgustaWestland chopper bribery case, the Congress Party today, on 9th May, Monday created pandemonium in Rajya Sabha forcing two adjournments in the pre- noon session.

Moreover, the Congress members in the session found asking a question that how could a Prime Minister make such allegations when the Defence Minister had not stated this in his reply to debates on the controversy in both Rajya Sabha and also in the Lok Sabha, last week. Moreover, while protesting this, the members from the Congress party also found seeking to know which court was that which the PM- Modi was quoting in his speech.

Moreover, besides their questions, the Congress members in the Rajya Sabha also found shouting the slogans like “Pradhan Mantri Jhoota Hai” (Prime Minister is liar) and also claimed for the apology from his side. The said demands and protest by the Congress members had forced the Deputy Chairman- P. J. Kurien to first adjourn the proceedings for Ten minutes and later till 12: 00 hours.

While so, in the comments from the Congress members, the leader of Opposition- Ghulam Nabi Azad from Congress found raising the issue and said that when no member in both the houses during the debate on AgustaWestland deal said the UPA leadership took money, then how BJP’s PM could?

It is as per this leader’s brought facts, the PM- Modi during election rallies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, allegedly stated that it was not his statement but an Italian Court has said that Gandhi was guilty in the case. Further he claimed that whey did Modi not intervene in the debates on the issue in either of the House and say this.

Moreover, as the Central Bureau of Investigation- CBI is, as per him, falling directly under the Prime Minister, then will the investigating agency not be influenced by such statements.

However, the Deputy Chairman decided not to take cognizance of the issue, and said “the chair cannot take cognizance of it.”

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