After so many biggest E- commerce platform, Now TATA Group to launch its Tata CLiQ.Com


Mumbai: After attaining major success in the automobile manufacturing sector, the Tata Group, yesterday, on Friday, 27th May, shown its initiation in the country’s e- commerce marketplace landscape with the launch of Tata As per company’s sources, through this e- commerce platform the company will be selling apparel, footwear and electronics for beginning with and soon later it will start with the accessories, luxury products, etc.

The information is revealed by the CEO of the Tata Unistore, namely, Ashutosh Pandey, who also answered the question that whether it can now provide meaningful competition to the already established online marketplaces in the country, he said Google was not the first company to launch a search engine but now is the most popular. Indirectly, it is confirmed by him that though Tata is engaging itself in the e- commerce sector, after so many biggest, popular entities, but still it hopes to get major success in it.

Now, with the said Tata CLiQ, e- commerce platform, the customers will be able to order online products and get them delivered at home, or even such products can be picked up from the designated stores.

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