After Son- Rocky Yadav, now Mother- Manorma Devi escaping arrest for violating Bihar’s Liquor Ban

Manorama devi

Patna: After her son, now the member of legislative council in Bihar and also the Janata Dal (United) party’s leader- Manorma Devi has gone into hiding, when there is an arrest warrant issued against her over the liquor stash found inside her home.

Manorma Devi’s son- Rocky Yadav was earlier reportedly escaping from the Police as he was booked for the charges to shot down a young boy of ninety- year- old allegedly for overtaking his SUV, which Rocky was driving, near Gaya. On Monday, i.e. on 9th May, he was arrested in that connection.

Now, the lawmaker from the ruling JD (U) party- Manorma Devi is escaping the police in connection with the liquor stock found kept inside her home, despite there is liquor ban in Bihar. Moreover, it is also notable here that the JD (U) party has sacked her from the party last night. And the action is initiated against her in the party, by the Chief Minister- Nitish Kumar. Now after her suspension and facing criminal charges of keeping such liquor inside home, led to her arrest for violating the new prohibition law in Bihar.

As per the Senior Police Officer, namely, Naiyar Husnain Khan who is dealing with the said matter, he said that “we found liquor bottles in Manorama Devi’s House.” Moreover, he also confirmed that the First Information Report is already registered in this connection, and now the police is adding Manorama Devi’s name to such FIR, “we will complete all formalities including her arrest,” he added. In connection with the said matter, the Police also sealed the house of the lawmaker and also her phone has also been noticed as coming “off since last night.”

While reporting the instances of the incident, the media reports says that inside her house which is located in Gaya, liquor bottles were spotted, after the search was initiated by the Police officials in connection with the search of her Son- Rocky, under charges of shooting down a young on the road. After, Manorama Devi was interrogated in the night time on Monday, the said son- Rocky was tracked down, the police also claimed that he confessed the offence.

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