After terming the PM Modi’s shown degrees false, AAP to visit DU today for verifying the records

Delhi CM- Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party which has earlier from the past week initiated war of words against the Prime Minister- Narendra Modi, who belongs to Bhartiya Janata Party, on the issue of his education qualification degrees. However, now, when BJP leaders have made the PM- Modi’s degrees public, the AAP party’s leaders has decided to keep the episode head on and this will continue till they reaches to the final conclusion.

The big issue in connection with the doubt of AAP party’s leaders, especially, with the Delhi’s Chief Minister- Arvind Kejriwal is that the current BJP’s Prime Minister- Narendra Modi is having fake graduation and post- graduation degrees and also they are claiming that there were “serious discrepancies” in the mark sheets too.

Yesterday, on Monday, 9th May, the prominent leaders from the BJP, such as the BJP President- Amit Shah and also the Finance Minister- Arun Jaitely found disclosing in the press conference, the degrees of the PM-Modi which he has got from the Delhi University and also from the Gujarat University. The said degrees were yesterday shown to the media and also promised that the same will be made public.

Now, the AAP party leaders found stating that they have decided to visit the Delhi University today, on Tuesday for inspecting the documents itself, after they claimed that there are “several discrepancies in Modi’s BA and MA degrees and the mark sheets have been forged.” The said statements were preferred in connection with the said degrees which were shown to media yesterday.

Thus, the AAP party has decided to send a group of leaders from the party who will be meeting the Central Public Information Officer of the Delhi University, today for inspecting and also for verifying the claim made by the leaders from BJP party regarding such degrees. Moreover, with such plan to visit the Delhi University, the AAP party has also asked the BJP party’s Amit Shah and also Jaitley to join them when they will be verifying the said degrees.

The claim from the AAP party is clarified by the leaders form the same, saying that “our contention is that a person in the post of prime minister shouldn’t make false claims related to his educational qualification by producing fake certificates.”

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