Ahead of ‘Namaaz-e-Janaaza’ for Amanullah Khan, JKLF Chairman- Yasin Malik arrested by Police

Yasin Malik

Srinagar: On 27th day of April, Wednesday, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front- JKLF found stated in their statements that their Chairman- Mohammad Yasin Malik was arrested by Police, hours ahead of the Funeral Prayers in absentia- ‘Namaaz- e- Janaaza’ for JKLF Supreme leader- Amanullah Khan.

It was seen that the said Supremo- Amanullah Khan was died in the Pakistan, yesterday on 26th April and the information of the arrest of the JKLF chairman- Yasin Malik was provided thought the statements by the Spokesman from JKLF. He said “Ahead of Ghayebana Namaaz- e- Janaaza for JKLF supreme leader Amanullah Khan, Malik was arrested by police.”

Moreover, the said spokesman also found claiming that the authorities in the area, imposed ‘curfew’ orders in the places like Maisuma, Lal Chowk, Kokerbazar, Abi Guzar, Kothibagh, Court road and other areas in the Srinagar adjoining to such areas. It is also notable that the said Supremo- Amanullah Khan was one from the founders of the pro- independence JKLF and he was died yesterday in Rawalipindi in the Pakistan. Moreover, as per the organisation, the death of their Supreme leader is their “irreparable loss” to the ongoing “freedom struggle.”

It is also reportedly shown that the said Amanullah Khan who was aged about eighty- two- years- old was facing serious chronic lung issues in connection with his health, for a last one year and yesterday he found breathed his last in the hospital based at Rawalpindi. He was considered reportedly, as the prominent leader in Kashmir and basically he was from London and then he deported to Pakistan in the year 1986 and then he along with other founded Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. He was also believed to have master minded the Ravindra Mhatre’s killing, who was number two in the Indian Consulate in the Birmingham, in the year 1984.

It was in the year 1977, the said JKLF was set up by that Amanullah Khan and others. He also found writing two books namely- Free Kashmir and My Autobiography, in English and Urdu, respectively.

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