AirAsia has fresh offer with the ‘Lowest Fares Guaranteed’ scheme for both Domestic and International flights

AirAsia India

Mumbai: The Chennai based- AirAsia India carrier has freshly announced its fares which is starting from the very lower prices which will at Rs. 999 to the destinations like- Bengaluru, Goa, Kochi, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Visakhapatnam and other locations. Moreover, it is also offering international destinations for one way starting at Rs. 2999 only.

The Indo- Malaysian air carrier has now offered this amazing lowest fares in its ‘Lowest Fares Guaranteed’ scheme. And the booking under this scheme will be valid till 24th day of this April month, for the travel from the 1st day of October this year to 22nd day of May next years (2017).

Moreover, some of the routes for which the AirAsia is offering Rs. 999 fare charges, will be seemed including the travel from Kochi to Bengaluru flight and also from Bangaluru to Kochi flights besides there will be a flight from Guwahati to Impal and also Impal to Guwahati brought under this scheme.

Also, as per scheme, the international destinations for which the AirAsia is offering fares at only 2999 rupees, the coverage is extended to cover the Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Bangkok, Melbourne, Manila and Perth amongst the hundred of other cities in about twenty- two countries.

Moreover, as per the terms of the scheme, the AirAsia is seeking the customers to take advantage of this scheme through its website only, thus, a customer can opt for booking through this scheme by login to the

Also, the AirAsia also has offered this scheme with some terms and conditions in connection with the booking, it is including that the fares would be including the airport taxes, as for some selected airports where the airport tax is collected at the point of departure, is exempted. Also, the scheme from the AirAsia is also making it clear that once a ticket is booked under this scheme and payment is being made, then there will be no refunds, as it is not permitted by AirAsia’s scheme.

So, hurry scheme is available for the bookings done only before 24th day of this month.

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