Al- Qaeda’s 800 Members with leaders killed in Yemen Anti- Jihad Offensive, as per Arab Coalition

Air Strike

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: The troops from Yemen backed by Arab coalition air strikes have killed about Eight Hundred and plus members from the Al- Qaeda, in the attack on a southeastern provincial capital, held by the group for the past year. The information is provided today, on Monday 25th April, from the said Arab coalition.

Moreover, as per the military sources, the forces from Pro- Government has recaptured an Oil terminal and also a city of Mukalla, which was known for the terrorist stronghold.

As per the commanders from the Arab Coalition who said while in its statements which are published by SPA, which being an official news agency in Saudi Arabia, the said “operations resulted… in the death of over 800 Al- Qaeda members” and also they confirmed that some of Al- Qaeda leaders were also killed in such operations, “while some other fled,” they added.

Moreover, it was also seen that the said number of deaths could not be confirmed independently and also, as the civilian casualties also no indications were provided.

It was also shown that the said operation was conducted for securing those parts in the Country which were captured by the Jihadist Militants, and as such it was part of a wider offensive. It was also shown that the said Jihadist militants have exploited a Thirteen- month war which was seen between Loyalist backed by Gulf and rebels supported by Iran.

Moreover, as per the Military Officer who told AFP by phone from the city, which is captured by jihadists in the month of last April, he said “we entered the city centre (of Mukalla) and were met by no resistance from Al- Qaeda militants who withdrew west” towards the vast desert in Hadramawt and Shabwa provinces.

Moreover, as per the military sources from Yemen, for the operation, the Emirati Military vehicles were used and also the forces that entered the said city of Mukalla, were also including the Gulf country’s troops who were a key member of the Saudi- led coalition.

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