Aligarh Muslim University campus row: One killed in violent clashes among rival groups

aligarh muslim university

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh: On 23rd April, Saturday’s midnight time, the violence was erupted at the Aligarh Muslim University, following a clash between the regional student groups, the said clash has also resulted in the killing of a former student, and led the authorities to step up security and also to deploy Rapid Action Force.

It was seen earlier and also told by the Aligarh Range DIG- Govind Agarwal that there was assaulting to the resident of the Mumtaz Hostel and also his room was set to fire, and this has resulted in the violence amongst the students’ group. Said DIG- Agarwal is leading the Police operations.

It was also seen that after such incident with the victim- resident of Mumtaz Hostel, he rushed to the proctor’s office for filing his complaint. And soon after that the news of his assault was seemed spreading amongst the students, and those who belonging to the two rival factions gathered thereafter, and a clash broke out then.

Moreover, the incident which was taken place in the last midnight, has killed Mehtaab, who was shot near the office of Proctor as per the Police Officials. It was also pointed that the near the said Office of Proctor, the warring groups were also exchanging fire with each other.

While in the group violence, the rampaging students were seen firing the jeep, and also fire extended to about half- a- dozen of bikes. Moreover, the said mob also indulged in arson and set afire the proctor’s office building.

It was seen that considering the grave nature of the violence, the Police officials required around two hours for defusing the situation.

It was also commented by the Officials from the Aligarh Muslim University, that the said trouble between the concerned rival groups belonging to Azamgarh and Sambhal regions.

For dealing with the situation, the Rapid Action Force has also been deployed at all sensitive spots. Moreover, there is entrance test for the engineering college which is also scheduled today, and over thirteen thousands of the students to appear from the Aligarh Campus centre alone, thus situation is sensitive.

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