Aligarh Muslim University Violence: Twelve students suspended and One- Mohd Zoraiz arrested

aligarh muslim university

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh: Around a week before a violence in the Aligarh Muslim University was experienced and now as per the Police officials, yesterday on Friday, 28th April, they said they have arrested a person in this connection.

The Police officials identified the arrested person as a Research Scholar in Aligarh Muslim University, namely, Mohd Zoraiz who is a scholar from the department of Law. The arrest of such scholar was made by the Special Investigation Team of the State Police from Dhorra locality. Now he is sent behind the bars as he was taken to jail late Thursday night after being produced in the Court of the CJM- Chief Judicial Magistrate in the area.

Moreover, notably, the sources informed that the said AMU research scholar had earlier also faced disciplinary action by authorities from the Aligarh Muslim University in earlier cases of the campus violence.

The SIT is investigating the matter as per the SSP- K. Ravinder Gaur and it had been tracking the movements of the said arrested person- Zoraiz. And from violence which was taken place last Saturday, he was placed under the electronic surveillance.

It was seen that in the said violence, the two people were reportedly dead. Moreover, as per SSP- K. Ravinder who said further that “this is our first breakthrough and in the next few days we are expecting further success.”

It is notable here that there are, in all, fifteen First Information Reports have been filed in relation to the said violence, and in the killing of the former Aligarh Muslim University’s student- Mahtab, about 8 people have been named.

Even the University’s authorities have also earlier suspended in all twelve students from the University, including the said arrested person- Zoraiz too. Moreover, the office memo which is issued by the proctor, also contains the names of the scholars also who were placed under suspension from the rolls of the University with immediate effect.

Moreover, the provosts of the halls of the residence where the said suspended students were presently residing, has also been urged by the Aligarh Muslim University proctor for ensuring that their rooms will be immediately vacated.

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