Ambedkar’s Memorial construction work in Mumbai delayed further to start

B. R. Ambedkar

Mumbai: The commencement of the construction work of the grand memorial of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, in Mumbai’s Indu Mill compound, could be further delayed given the strong objections to the ribbed like ‘Stupa’ structure design and also the large green spaces, as per the Social Justice Ministry information.

Today, on 28th April, Rajkumar Badole, the Minister of Social Justice in the State of Maharashtra found stated that some changes will have to be made to the current design of the memorial.

It was seen earlier to the information given by Minister- Badole, that there was a meeting held by the said Minister with the Republican party faction leaders like leaders from Peoples Republican Party, MLC- Jogendra Kawade, leader from RPI- A, Avinash Mahatekar and others. Later, he also found stated that in connection with the said Memorial construction, some from the Republican Party faction leaders found arguing that the “main ‘Stupa’ like structure having twenty- four stone ribs does not look like a ‘Stupa’.” Moreover, he also added that also “some felt the greenery around it (the memorial) gave it an appearance of a park.”

Moreover, in the suggestions, the some of the Republican Party faction leaders found telling, as stated by Badole, that there should be Pond in the vicinity (of the said memorial), and that too, be designed like the ‘Chaudar Lake’ in Mahad where the architect of the Indian Constitution- Dr. B R Ambedkar had launched the agitation for allowing Dalits to have access to water bodies. Also, suggestions are also showing the displaying of the various other agitations which the Ambedkar conducted for liberation of the oppressed and the such memorial is also suggested to serve as an International level centre for the Studies in Humanities.

Thus, the said memorial will be having the large library and also the centre for research for the studies in Buddhism, as confirmed by Minister- Badole. It is also notable here that the State Cabinet for the Maharashtra State found clearing about 125 crores of rupees for the construction of such memorial in the State, especially in Mumbai. Now, the said minister- Badole also found confirming that he will also invite the grandson of Ambedkar, namely Prakash for knowing his views about the memorial.

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