Amendments in EPF gave rise to Bengaluru Garment Worker’s protest; second day seen traffic hit


Bengaluru: Today being a second day in a Bengaluru row, where the protests against the recently made amendments to the Employees Provident Fund law is seemed continued in the city and suburbs, and also number of vehicles, public and private properties destroyed, also affecting the movement of vehicles in the area.

Moreover, it is notable that in particular, the protests have stopped and disrupted the traffic on the arterial Hosur Road. It was seen in the morning time that the number of protesters have gathered the Bommanahalli Junction. Also, it was seen that since from the 8:30 AM, the vehicular movement below the flyover was disrupted however, traffic on the same was not affected.

The said agitation is seen in connection with the new amendments which are brought in the Employees Provident Fund law, as the said new amendments says that the employees will be able for withdrawing only their contribution to their provident fund accounts. And for the withdrawal of the contribution which was made by the Employer, they will be able as per this new amended law, after they will cross the age of 58 years.

Moreover, the said agitation is taken in hand by the Garment workers and Textile workers. The leader from amongst their Union, namely, Jayaram K. R. found terming this move of the Government as an “anti- worker” move. Moreover, he also added that if there was no contribution to the Provident fund, then the workers will be entitled to only 3 year’s of interest on their employer’s contribution.

Also, he made it clear that “many workers of the unorganised sectors are not sure of being employed till they are 58- years- old.” Further he said the “workers, who are over 40 years, are unsure, as they may not be able to find suitable jobs.”

It the agitation, reportedly, 3 buses have been set on fire at Jalahalli Cross, Stone Pelting also reported. It is also pointed, reportedly, that the garment workers are basically from five factories, in which the entities like K. Mohan and Co. Exports Pvt. Ltd., Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd. and Jockey are also seemed including of which workers are involved in the said protests.

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