American Company launches ‘Harman Kardon ONE and Esquire 2 Wireless Speakers’ in India

Mumbai: Yesterday, i.e. on Tuesday- 15th March, the Harman has launched its Harman Kardon One and the Esquire 2 portable speakers in India. These gadgets are priced in India at Rs. 14,999 (for Harman Kardon One) and Rs. 19,999 (for Harman Kardon Esquire 2).

The company has offered these gadgets currently from its website and also from HK Sound Lounges around the country.

Notably, the first gadget, Harman Kardon One, is a wireless speaker and also offering a speakerphone apart from audio cable input. The 2x6W stereo output is offered along with HTC Connect Technology for easy pairing with the HTC smartphones. Moreover, this speaker can be used with the Android operating system, Blackberry device or iOS or Windows operating system held mobile devices.

This Harman Kardon ONE, is show by the company as is made of aluminium unibody with the anodised coating and can deliver up to Five Hours of Playtime by its rechargeable Lithium- ion battery. Also, it is showing a Bluetooth connectivity option like other devices.

Second launched gadget being Harman Kardon Esquire 2 portable speaker is a quad microphone conferencing system along with the echo noise cancelling technology. Moreover, this speaker is also shown to have Three- Sixty- degree voice pick up for better conferencing experience. And there are four ‘professionally tuned’ sound drivers with this gadget.

This Harman Kardon Esquire 2 also provided with the built- in mic, and it is also be useful as powerbank for the smartphoes. Thus, this second gadget is also supporting the Android operating system, Windows, iOS, BlackBerry operating systems.

Thus, both the gadgets, as shown by the company, have amazing features and now such gadgets are brought for Indians in the Indian Market.

Harman International Industries is an American company incorporated in America and engaged in the business of designing and manufacturing the engineer connected products for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide. The present concerned gadgets are offered from this bigger entity. These gadgets are elegantly- designed audio systems and as are perfect combination of style and sound quality, as shown in the reports.

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