Amnesty International seeks to urge investigations in the ‘mass burials’ of Shias in Nigeria, by its army

Nigerian Military

Kaduna; Nigeria: Amnesty International, yesterday informed that , the claims of investigation which is made by the Kaduna State Official in connection with the 347 people’s buried in a secret Nigeria’s military action, after clashes with the members of the minority Shia Muslim sect and also investigation on anyone suspected of wrongdoing put on trial.

It was informed by the officials a day before yesterday, i.e. on Monday while there being an inquiry into the clashes which were held in December in the northern state of Kaduna, that the dead bodies were taken from army depot and buried in the mass graves.

Moreover, as per the previous statements from the Army that the Nigeria- based Islamic Movement has tried to assassinate its chief of staff- Lieutenant General- Tukur Buratai. It was the sect’s members who blocked Tukur Buratai’s convoy in the northern city of Zaria in December.  Moreover, as per the army, the following day it had raided several buildings connected to the sect.

However, as per the media reports, Nigerian army’s spokesman declined to comment on the mass burial allegations.

The secretary to the State Government- Balarabe Lawal also found saying that the dead bodies found in the secret mass burials were those of ‘sect members’.

As such, the Amnesty International Nigeria found stated that the said “revelation by the Kaduna State Government” that the Shias members hundreds in number were “gunned down and dumped in mass graves” is most significant “first step” to get all those who are suspected of criminal responsibility of “this atrocity” to trial.

However, as per the previous statement from the Shia sect, it said that up to a thousand of its members were killed.

Moreover, it is also notable that the Shias in Nigeria are termed as minority as the number of millions of Muslims therein are Sunni (Both of them are Muslim sects). It is again notable that only several thousands of shias are there and many of them were inspired by the 1979’s Islamic Revolution in Shia Iran.

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