Angry Parents and Students, after Class XII Paper Leak, protest against Education Ministry

Bengaluru: Today, i.e. on 31st March, on the issue of Class 12 Paper leak in the Karnataka, has led to protests and demonstrations are staged in front of the various examinations centres. The protests and demonstrations are seen on the part of several angry students and parents after a repeated question paper lead.

In the protect various demands are found being made from the side of the protesters, and specially they demanding the resignation of Education Minister- K. Ratnakar. It is notable that the Pre- University Chemistry re- examination was scheduled for today, and now it is again postponed following a leak of question paper.

This is notably, the second time when the question paper was leaked, and due to such issues, the parents and the students get angry and they agitate the protests in front of various examination centres.

Such agitations can also be seen in the district of Mysuru, Thiruvananthapuram along Bengluru.

After its first time paper leak, the exam was postponed for the today, i.e. on 31st day of March, initially, the re- examination was scheduled for 29th March, however, following to the protests, demanding withdrawal of the re- examination, the date was extended.

It is also notable that outside the Department of the Pre- University Education- DPUE, the protesters were found pelting stones at its building, raising slogans that “they once again want us to write the examination”.

From the gather, one of the student protester said that, when students asked whether such papers would also get leaked, then it was answered to them that assuring that it would not happen again. Then the question again rise among the gathering that why such paper leak issue again happened.

One of the other students also asked for justice and alleged that the student’s future is being ruined by the Education Ministry. Student said, if examiners can put re- exam, then why they can’t protect a “single question paper?”. Student also sought to maintain that, “what is the chance that even the third question paper won’t  leak?”.

Thus, students and their parents are not intending in writing any more paper.

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