Another Women group denied entry in Nashik’s Trimbakeshwar Temple: Activists say assaults by locals

Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

Pune; Maharashtra: After a strong answer from the Bombay High Court, that there should not be made gender bias in against women, especially when the matter of places of worship are concerned, yesterday, on 20th April, the local residents of the Trimbak in Nashik district at Maharashtra denied a group of women devotees to enter the inner sanctum of the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple. The women’s group also claimed assaults from such local residents to them.

It was seen that the Trust from the Trimbakeshwar temple earlier last week had made decision to allow the women’s entry into the Lord Shiva temple’s sanctum sanctorum for an hour every day, however, they also imposed a condition that such women should wear while entering the said sanctum, wet cotton or silk clothes.

It was seen apparently in this case, that the decision of allowing the entry of women in the sanctum sanctorum of the Trimbakeshwar temple, was made following an agitation which was experienced initiated by the Swarajya Mahila Sanghathan which is headed by Vanita Gutte.

However, while so, the women’s group seemed denying the said condition of wearing wet cotton or silk clothes for entering the said sanctum.

As per one of the woman devotees, “when we returned to the temple after having a bath, we were told that the time to enter the inner sanctum is now over. When we resisted, the local residents assaulted us right in front of the god.”

As such, the Police officials have booked around 150 persons for assaulting the said women while they were entering the inner sanctum “garbha griha” of the Trimbakeshwar temple.

It was earlier also on last Thursday, the said Women’s group tried to enter the said inner sanctum, however, they were refused permission, and that incident had resulted in the argument with several local priests over the rule. That time, the women’s group filed a complaint with the Police station and trust members were made accused along with local people for purposely obstructing their entry into the temple.

As such, as per the women’s activist- Vidya Bal, the said trust of temple has violated the order of the Bombay High Court by now allowing the women to enter such inner sanctum.

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