Arshi Khan claims that she’s pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s Child

A claim of an affair now changed into a greater news. Indian-origin Muslim model Arshi Khan had revealed on Twitter, a couple of months back, that she is having love with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi.

After claiming that she had shared a physically intimate relationship with the Pakistan Cricketer- Shahid Afridi, now Model- Arshi Khan seeking to claim that she is pregnant with baby of Shahid.

Arshi Khan’s moving ahead for making such controversial statements, can be shake his fans from all over the globe. She, in her controversial statement, had caught everyone’s attention, however, many had scoffed off, calling it a mere a publicity stunt.

Moreover, this time, Arshi Khan has provided a video for validating her statements, where she claimed that she is pregnant with Afridi’s child.

It was seen few months ago, when Arshi Khan found tweeted that to talk about her close proximity to Afridi, however, the Cricketer- Shahid had not confirmed the same. However, now she has announced or came up with the ‘good news’ for shahid, about her pregnancy with his baby, and this has now grabbed the headlines again.

It was also seen, recently, that in a press conference, the Cricketer was found speaking about the love he gets from India, considering this, the Arshi Khan found explaining that Shahid Afridi is meant it for her. Also, she sought to show that her mother is happy with her pregnancy. And she further, reveals that she would be delivering her baby in Bhopal, which she says the baby of Afridi.

Moreover, it is also notable that she has spent about three months of her pregnancy. She called Shahid Afridi as “damaad” (son- in- law) of Bhopal. Further, she also sought to maintain that Shahid has accepted her.

It is true to say that everyone wanna be the next person after Shahid Afridi, looking to his excellent performances in the cricket grounds and also his status as international player. However, whether it may be a publicity stunt as adopted by her, but it is true that whatever reported in the news headlines which she said to have grabbed, are found recorded in the video clip which she has posted.

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