Asaduddin Owaisi says Samajwadi Party was “insecure” of him, as denied him permission to hold public meeting

Asaduddin Owaisi

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: AIMIM- All India Mujlis- e- Ittehadul Muslimeen chief leader- Asaduddin Owaisi, a day after he was denied the permission for holding a public meetings in Azamgarh, today, on 24th April, found stated that the Samajwadi party which is a ruling party in the State of Uttar Pradesh, was “insecure” of him.

He preferred these statements while commenting at the Twitter posts, where he wrote a tweet and said that “yesterday (on 23rd April) did a roadshow in four districts UP, very good public response” and he also specifically pointed the responses especially from youth for “12 hours peaceful but stopped, Azamgarh SP (Samajwadi party) is insecure.” The said tweet found written today’s morning.

In the tweet he also mentioned that “Samajwadi party is stopping from holding public meetings.” It was seen earlier on yesterday, that the said AIMIM chief- Owaisi was refused to give permission by the authorities for holding the public meetings in Azamgarh, and it was shown that he was denied permission as in the wake of tension in Mubarakpur area in it.

Also, it was confirmed by the District of Azamgarh’s district magistrate- Suhash L. Y. who said that the authorities had received the application which was main by the Owaisi’s party, for holding such public meeting, however, the permission to him for such meetings was denied.

While so, it was seen earlier that the AIMIM party’s chief leader- Owaisi while addressing his party’s supporters at the meeting, had exhorted them for preparing for the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh in the year 2017.

It was seen that the said leader- Owaisi also found encouraging his party supporters that “start” preparations for the coming elections, so that “our people could have representation in the Vidhan Sabha.” The said statements were preferred by the AIMIM party leader while he was addressing the gathering of the party workers in the Sidharthnagar.

Moreover, he also found confirming his stand and said that he and his party is not against any religion and also not against any specific person. He was actually on the Uttar Pradesh Tour, where he was hold public gather in Azamgarh too.

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