Assam Polls: Woman casts vote for BJP, divorced due to non- obeying decision of Village leaders


Assam: In the Assam Assembly Polls, a strange turn in the events were seen when a Muslim man reportedly divorced his wife in an Assam village, on her allegedly voting for the Bhartiya Janata Party in the elections. It was seen there that the elder personalities in the Village made a diktat, that allegedly there should be mandatorily voting for the Congress party only in the Assam Assembly Polls and this divorced woman has violated this decision.

It was seen that the said incident was reported in the regional newspapers in the Assam where it is clearly shown that the Donam Addahati village in the district of Sonitpur in Assam this incident was taken place in which the heads from the village apparently were having a strong inclination towards the Congress party.

It was shown in the reports that the said village leaders or elder aged personalities have decided to direct the villagers to vote congress and not to others strictly or mandatorily.

However, in the violation of the said diktat the concerned woman being Muslim from the said village had allegedly voted in favour of Bhartiya Janata Party, despite such mandatory instructions. She is named in the reports as Dilwara Begum who was the wife of Ainuddin. The Bhartiya Janata Party’s candidate from the said constituency was named Pramod Borathakur.

It was learnt from the said reports that, she took the decision to defy the said diktat of the village heads and decided to cast her important vote in favour of her selected candidate. She also informed her Husband, reportedly about her decision to cast vote in favour of the BJP candidate- Pramod. However, her husband got angry and consequent upon his anger and support to the village heads, the Husband- Ainuddin decided to divorce his wife- Dilwara.

It was also shown in the reports that the marriage among them has been in existence from around ten years back and now due to the exercise of the constitutional right to vote the candidate of her own choice she had to lose her marriage.

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