Astronomers discovered massive “Super Spiral” galaxies

New York: In NASA archived data, astronomers had discovered classes of galactic leviathans known as “super spiral” galaxies which dwarf Earth’s galaxy, Milky Way. It competes in brightness and size with universe’s largest galaxy. Super spiralling has hidden in plain sights for a long time. This mimics appearances of spiral typical galaxies.

Newer studies using NASA archived data showed that such seemingly objects nearby are actually behemoth distant versions of spirals regularly. There are discoveries of unrecognised previous spiralled galaxy classes. They are as massive and as luminous as brightest and biggest galaxy known till date. This is told by study lead author Patrick Ogle, astrophysicist at Infrared Processing and Analysis Centre (IPAC) at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, US.

Discoveries were released in “The Astrophysical Journal”. In NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) there are online repositories having information on nearly galaxies numbered 100 million. Findings remarkably of super spiralled galaxies were out from pure analysis of NED contents. This reaps benefits of systematic careful data merging from different sources on similar galaxies. This was told by study co-author George Helou, executive director of IPAC.

In samples of 800000 galaxies nearly 3.5 billion Earth’s light years and 53 bright galaxies has spiralled intriguingly instead of elliptical shapes. A super spiral shines 8 to 14 times brighter of Milky Way. It possesses nearly 10 times masses of Earth’s galaxies.

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