ASUS updates ZenWatch 2 with Android Wear software, variety of features, adds speaker support

China: ASUS, an electronics company from Taiwan, has rolled out ZenWatch 2, thereby offering huge improvements in style, workmanship and efficiency. Speaker support, audio message, wrist postures as well as screen dimming postures are the latest updates.

ZenWatch 2 models like WI502Q and WI501Q have sound effects, app notifications, audible alarm as well as speaker support when connected to the Bluetooth. We can scroll cards, return to watch face, open apps with simple and intuitive wrist postures. The screen dims by a wrist gesture, the watch turning to ambient mode for privacy and also to prevent battery from draining.

We can play videos and we can also play an audio message alongside Glide and other app which support these and other related functions. When Android Wear Software is updated, the users get notification and the watch when it is connected to charger, with Bluetooth the smart-phone is connected to internet.

Android Wear 1.4 has an automatic notification on wearable when connected to charger. When it is in the range of the Bluetooth, other notification gives rise to its being connected to the internet. To update the device manually Open Settings > About > System Updates > Follow the instructions on screen to complete the process. Android 4.3 and iOS 8.2 are most compatible with ZenWatch 2. All in all a wonderful piece of device

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