Automatic CPAP machines for better results in treatment of Sleep Apnoea

Vijayawada: In the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea -OSA, the Automatic CPAP- Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines are now provided against the sleep issues, with its given better results.

As per Dr. T. V. Rajani Kanth- The Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Surgeon and Director of RajaniKanth ENT clinic, in the concerned machine, the positive pressure in the airways of the victim person are modified as per requirement, through the sensors.

The gathering was welcomed by GV Sastry- the Regional Manger of SBI Zonal Officer, while in the function of celebration programme of World Sleep Day was addressing by these scholars. The programme was conducted at SBI Zonal office, in Vijayawada, on 18th day of March.

While describing the issues of snoring in the large human beings, it was told by Dr. RajaniKanth, to the officers that it is caused due to airways obstruction by the palatine uvula/ kondanaluka’s either the tongue. Moreover, he said that it is relaxing the other muscles’ tone and also obstructing the airways while the person is in sleep.

Also, he further said that the breathing is being disturbed by obstruction in throat and this results in the falling of levels of the oxygen in the blood and consequently in response the brain wakes up the person in a part. Also, the muscles’ tone get squeeze and the breathing improves for a short while.

Thus, the OSA suffering persons may for several times wake up in the night time. And, this will also not allow them to get deep sleep. It is also clarified that while in sleep a fit person passes through 4 levels, however, the person affected with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea would go to experience deeper levels of sleep very rarely. Thus, those who suffers with OSA, would get affected their health, as the sleep is really very essential for health, even than food or even water.

Thus, the speaker suggested that the CPAP is the standard treatment for OSA. Even if the patient refused for CPAP or when CPAP therapy fails, then and then only the surgery is suggested.

Also the doctor suggested on the duration of persons, need to sleep, and there he said the measure would be varied from one to another person, however, as per him, the sleep must not be less than 6 hours and also should not be over 9 hours.

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