B S Yeddyurappa returns Rs. One Crore SUV, considering huge criticisms

Land Cruiser Prado yeddyurappa

Bengaluru: Karnataka’s Bhartiya Janata Party State President- B S Yeddyurappa who was seemed facing many criticisms from the various quarters, decided to return back, his stated gift from the Former Industrial Minister- Murgesh R. Nirani. An SUV valued about One Crores of Rupees was as per Yeddyurappa gifted to him and he was to visit the drought- hit- areas in the States using that gifted car.

It is seen in the statements which is made by the BJP’s State President for Karnataka that in the forty years of his Political struggle in his life, he has travelled all modes of public transport including Cars. He also added that “handling the same state tour in the same manner is not an issue at all” for him and as such he has “sent back the car provided by Murugesh Nirani” yesterday, on 16th day of April “to his residence.”

It is also notable, from the statements of the BJP leader- Yeddyurappa who said yesterday, that the said Toyota’s SUV car which is reportedly a crore rupee car had been gifted to him by the former Industrial Minister- Murugesh Nirani.

Moreover, while in the media talks when the BJP’s State leader was asked that ‘why he was using this car to travel across drought- hit Karnataka, he replied saying that ‘these two things must not be compared.’

However, yesterday, in the statements from the newly selected Bhartiya Janata Party’s State President- B S Yeddyurappa, he found stated that the “what is wrong in using a luxury car” for travelling in the concerned drought- affected areas. He also found stated, as quoted by the ANI agency that “after my period is over”, the said Toyota Land Cruiser Prado a luxury SUV car approximately valued at One crore rupees will be taken back by the former Industrial Minister- Nirani.

While so, thought the BJP’s State President- Yeddyurappa has decided not to use the said expensive car for his travel to the drought- hit areas in the State, or for any other travelling purposes, the BJP’s supporters who viewed this car with their leader Yeddyurappa had already taken advantage of clicking selfies with the same.

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