Baghdad Car Bomb Blasts: Nearly 94 killed and over 150 injured; IS claimed responsibility

Baghdad Car Bomb Blasts

Baghdad: Yesterday, Wednesday 11th May proved bloodiest day for capital in Iraq, Baghdad where three car bombs exploded including the one huge blast in the Market in a Shia area, and resultantly about Ninety- Four people yesterday were killed in the said blasts.

It is notable that the said attacks were all claimed by the Islamic State Group. Moreover, the said dangerous bombing in Baghdad’s northern area which is Sadr City area which was blasted at about 10: 00 Am killed the firstly Sixty- four people as per the Officials. Moreover, it is also pointed that the said blast in the said area destroyed the shops located nearby area and also a big mountain of debris left in result. Number of vehicles, pieces of iron polls, and other types of remains found spreading over the area.

However, notably, the people who gather after such attack was effect, some of dozens of people from them who were seen in the angry mood rushed the spot and started blaming the Government for such big massacre.

When media rushed the spot, the said angry people sought to take help from them the take their voice to the Government and one of the man namely, Abu Ali found stated reportedly, that “the state is in a conflict over (government position) and the people are the victims.” Moreover, he clearly targeted the politicians saying “the politicians are behind the explosion.”

Also, a local resident, namely, Abu Muntadhar who raised his voice and said that “the State is responsible for the bombings that hit civilians.”

While so, the second car Bomb blast resultantly killed about seventeen people at the entrance of the northwestern neighbourhood of Kadhimiya. And this area is also denoted as the home to an important shia Muslim shrine.

Another car bomb blast was effect in the Jamea district in western Baghdad and it was blasted in the afternoon time and it has killed nearly thirteen people, as per officials.

Besides, such massive killing due to such bomb attacks, a total number of about one hundred and fifty people were seriously injured. And as behind such incidents, the Islamic State claimed its responsibility through online statement.

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