Bangladesh faced dangerous Cyclone Roanu: 23 dead and many others injured


Chittagong: When the Coast of Southern Bangladesh, yesterday, on 21st May, hit by Cyclone Roanu, there were seen about 23 people dead due to floods and rain- triggered landslides, leaving behind around a hundred people injured. Moreover, about an half a million people flee their homes.

Moreover, in the impoverished southern districts, the said cyclone resulted in damaging the tens of thousands of mud- and- tin houses. Also, the authorities engaged in the rescue works, also took over a five lakhs of the people into shelters because the said cyclone has made landfall. One of the officials also found stated that there were about twenty- three people known to have died and among them about 11 people were from Chittagong district.

As per the Police inspector in Chittagong- Shah Alam, there were about 7 people “drowned at Banshkhali after the storm surge breached dykes at two places, inundating coastal villages.”

However, officials also confirmed that by the early evening on the same day, the conditions were appeared to be improving, paving the way for people to return to their homes. But, in the incident, about twenty villages were “flooded” (in the said area). Moreover, the authorities have also shut down the sea and river ports on the same day and also declared that the fishing trawlers and other boats should not to go on the water.

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