Bangladesh’s Top Court confirmed Death Sentence to Islamist Leader

Bangladesh Supreme Court

Dhaka: Today, on Thursday 5th May, the Top Court in Bangladesh found rejecting the final appeal which the Top Islamist party leader preferred against the decision of the lower court imposing against him a Death penalty in connection with the atrocities committed during the 1971 war of independence. The instances of this report confirmed by the Lawyer witnessed the decision.

Now, it can be safely stated here that as the Death punishment is confirmed by the Top Court in Bangladesh, now the leader could be hanged at any time to death. It was earlier seen in the month of January, that the said Top Court/ Supreme Court of Bangladesh had upheld the death penalty for the Motiur Rahman Nizami, who was the head of the Jamat- e- Islami party, in connection with the charges of Genocide, Rape and also Orchestrating the Massacre of Top intellectual during the 1971 war.

The said Nizami who was about seventy- five- year- old was the Former Legislator and Minister under the Khaleda Zia when she was prime Minister to the country. It was notable that he was kept in the jail since from the year 2010, and was charged with the war crimes by the Tribunal set up by Prime Minister- Sheikh Hasina.

Moreover, the Crimes Tribunal in the country, has sparked violence and drawn criticism from the opposition politicians that it is victimising Hasina’s Political opponents, and such politicians including the jamaat- e- Islami’s leaders.

Moreover, in the comments from the various sides, a Non- profit Organisation, namely, ‘No Peach Without Justice’ which is based in Italy also found terming the proceedings in the Tribunal as “a weapon of politically influenced revenge whose real aim is to target the political opposition.”

Moreover, the Government seemed denying the accusation. However, it was also seen that for becoming the Independent Bangladesh, after the war between Indian and Pakistan, the East Pakistan broke away and in the process, three million number of peoples found killed. The verdict comes as the Muslim-majority nation has seen a surge in militant violence.

Jamaat- e- Islami was found blamed by the government for the increasing in Islamist violence, however, this group refuses any link with the said attacks.

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