Barack Obama, First US President to visit Hiroshima today

Obama in japan

Hiroshima: Today, on 27th May, Friday, the United States President- Barack Obama will become the first American head to visit Hiroshima, site of the first atomic bombing world. Moreover, the gesture Washington and Tokyo hope will showcase their alliance and breathe life into stalled efforts to abolish nuclear arms.

Hiroshima is the place where in the year 1945, (6th August) an atomic bomb dropped resulted in killing of thousands of people and now with the said visit by Obama, the two governments are hoping that it will highlight a new level of reconciliation and tighter ties between the former enemies. As per sources, reportedly, the main objective of US President- Obama to visit Hiroshima, is to showcase his nuclear disarmament agenda. President has won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2009 for what many said were eloquent speeches on the topic.

Moreover, as per Barack Obama, he would honour all who died in World War- II, however, he would not apologise for the bombing of Hiroshima. However, as per the believe of majority of the Americans who see the bombings as having been necessary for putting the war to an end and also for saving lives. But, there are number of Japanese who believe that the they were unjustified, due to such incidents.

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