BCCI’s Funding policy to its Affiliates is questioned by Supreme Court, saying “This is not Good”


New Delhi: Today, i.e. 5th April, coming down heavily on the BCCI- Board of Control for Cricket in India, the honourable Supreme Court of India said that the members have created a “mutually beneficial society”. Further the court also found criticizing the BCCI for its adopting the way for distributing the funds to the unites which are affiliated to it.

It was seen that the concerned bench of the honourable Apex Court, headed by Chief Justice of India- T. S. Thakur, sought to comment so, while hearing the Lodha Panel’s recommendations, in connection with the IPL match- fixing and betting scandals of 2013. It was seen that the said bench also found telling the lawyers representing the BCCI that “Please don’t say Lodha Committee recommendations cannot be implemented”. Now the bench decided the hear the plea on next date i.e. on coming Friday.

It was seen earlier that on fourth day of this year’s January, the said Lodha Panel made several recommendations in its ‘second report’ to the honourable Supreme Court of India. While so, it has recommended legalization of the betting of the Cricket in the Country. Moreover, it is also suggesting several structural changes to the BCCI for ensuring the more transparency in its operation.

Also, notably the BCCI is also sought to be brought under the purview of the Right to Information Act, as such the citizens would be allowed to access the information.

It was also seen that the concerned bench also said that only eleven states are begging for money, out of Twenty- Nine states, and court slammed BCCI saying that “this is not good”. Also it told the BCCI that “You allot money without demanding explanation which is basically corrupting them,”.

Also, honourable CJI- Thakur further stated that, “How do you expect neglected states to develop if you don’t give them money”. Also referring to the situation of Bihar, the bench said that not a “penny” is being given to Bihar, “for six years”. As such court told BCCI that “You have done nothing to promote the game.”

However, as per BCCI, the Arunachal Pradesh and Bihar are not getting fund from 2010, because they did not given “audited accounts”.

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